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The Cisco 300-920 DEVWBX certification exam is one of the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional-focused exams designed to test candidates’ knowledge of Webex development.

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Question 1:

Which element is needed to build a Web application that authenticates Webex users and can post messages under the user\’s identity?

A. OAuth integration configured with the `messages_write\’ scope

B. bot access token

C. Guest Issuer application

D. self-signed certificate that is created by a public authority


Question 2:
300-920 exam questions 2

Refer to the exhibit. When using the Webex Browser SDK to create calls and share screens, which two statements are valid given a `Webex \’ object such as displayed in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A. After a meeting is joined, it cannot be left programmatically until the host ends the meeting.

B. The Webex meetings. register() function must be invoked before attempting to join any meeting.

C. The joinMeeting() function throws an error of type `media stopped\’ if a media stream is stopped.

D. Given a Webex meeting number the Webex meetings join() function can be used to join the meeting.

E. The media settings for a joined meeting accept boolean attributes to send and receive audio, video, and screen share.


Question 3:

Which two statements about incoming WebEx call notifications on iOS and Android applications are true? (Choose two.)

A. When running in the background on Android, Firebase Cloud Messaging must use a notification message.

B. When running in the background on Android, Firebase Cloud Messaging must use a data message.

C. Webhooks are required with the iOS SDK only when the application is in the background.

D. When running in the background on iOS, Application Push Notifications must be configured to be silent.

E. Webhooks are required in the foreground and background for iOS and Android applications.


Question 4:

Which two filters are valid for limiting a webhook? (Choose two.)

A. roomId=

B. personId!=

C. spaceId=

D. personId=$spaceId=

E. personId=$roomId=


Question 5:

Which two tasks should use a Webex bot instead of a Webex integration? (Choose two.)

A. Ask a question in natural language to obtain the current price of a stock.

B. Translate a word or phrase from Italian to English.

C. Notify all users who send a 1:1 message that the user is currently out of the office.

D. Automatically delete a message that was sent with spelling or grammatical errors.

E. Archive all the messages in a group space.


Question 6:
300-920 exam questions 6

Refer to the exhibit. An end user reports that the speed dial button is not working on their Webex Device, and when loading into the Macro Editor, this error was presented. On which line is the incorrect syntax?

A. line 4

B. line 14

C. line 15

D. line 22


Question 7:
300-920 exam questions 7

Refer to the exhibit. A snippet from the XSD schema of the Webex Meeting XML API LstRecordingResponse\' element is listed in the exhibit. Assuming that a variable namedresp\’ exists that contains the XML response from a successful `LstRecording\’ request, which codes snippet correctly generates a simple report that lists meeting names and recording file download links?

300-920 exam questions 7-1

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Question 8:

Which user role implicitly has permission in the Events API to retrieve “message created” events from other users in the same organization?

A. Compliance Officer

B. User and Device Administrator

C. Full Administrator

D. User Administrator


Question 9:
300-920 exam questions 9

Refer to the exhibit. With this in-room configuration, which command successfully sets the slider to 50?

A. xcommand UserInterface Extensions Widget SetSlider Value: 50

B. xcommand UserInterface Extensions Widget Slider: 50 Widget: “widget_1”

C. xconfiguration UserInterface Extensions widget_1 50

D. xcommand UserInterface Extensions Widget SetValue WidgetId: “widget_1” Value: 50


Question 10:
300-920 exam questions 10

Refer to the exhibit. A webhook has been created so that an application is notified when users mention a bot in a Webex Teams space. The exhibit shows an example of a notification received by the application. Which code snippet correctly processes the JSON payload using the Webex Node.js SDK in order to print out messages that mention the bot?

300-920 exam questions 10-1

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Question 11:

Which list of API calls must be made to provision 50 new Webex Room devices for an organization?

A. POST to /places with `displayName\’, POST the returned `placeId\’ to /devices/

B. POST `displayName\’ to /places, POST the returned `placeId\’ to /devices/activation code

C. POST to /licenses, POST the returned `licneseId\’ and a specified `displayName\’ to /devices

D. POST to /licenses, POST `displayName\’ to /places, POST `licensed\’ and placeId\’ to /devices


Question 12:

A company wants to adopt Webex Teams as a messaging platform and use REST APIs to automate the creation of teams and rooms. Which sequence of REST API requests is needed to create and populate a new Webex team and create a populated Webex room for the team?

A. POST /teams, POST /memberships, POST /rooms

B. POST /teams, POST /people, POST /rooms

C. POST /teams, POST /team/memberships, POST /rooms

D. POST /teams, POST /team/memberships, POST /rooms, POST /memberships


Question 13:

Which two capabilities are currently supported by the Webex Meetings XML API? (Choose two.)

A. Request a recording link for playback.

B. Send a text message to the meeting host.

C. Request permissions to schedule on someone else\’s behalf.

D. Schedule a new meeting.

E. Send a problem report.


Question 14:


Drag and drop the expressions to create a Webex Teams widget that uses Guest Issuer to enable customers to chat and meet with agents. Not all options are used.

Select and Place:

300-920 exam questions 14

Correct Answer:

300-920 exam questions 14-1

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