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Free15Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure – Advanced (DCACIA)300-630View300-630 dumps
Question 1:

Which approach does Cisco ACI use to achieve multidestination packet forwarding between leaf switches in the same fabric?

A. Map VXLAN VTEP to the multicast group

B. Map VXLAN to PIM-SM protocol

C. Map VXLAN VNI to the multicast group

D. Map VXLAN to PIM-DM protocol

Question 2:

An engineer configures a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod for disaster recovery. Which action should be taken for the new nodes to be discoverable by the existing Cisco APICs?

A. Enable subinterfaces with dot1q tagging on all links between the IPN routers.

B. Configure IGMPv3 on the interfaces of IPN routers that face the Cisco ACI spine.

C. Enable DHCP relay on all links that are connected to Cisco ACI spines on IPN devices.

D. Configure BGP as the underlay protocol in IPN.

Question 3:

What two actions should be taken to deploy a new Cisco ACI Multi-Pod setup? (Choose two.)

A. Configure anycast RP for the underlying multicast protocol

B. Configure the TEP pool of the new pod to be routable across the IPN

C. Configure MP-BGP on IPN routers that face the Cisco ACI spines

D. Increase interface MTU for all IPN routers to support VXLAN traffic

E. Connect all spines to the IPN

Question 4:
300-630 dumps questions 4

Refer to the exhibit. The is configured as a default static route on L3Out-1. Which action should be taken for the prefix to advertise out on L3Out-2 OSPF?

A. Enable Shared Security Import Subnet

B. Enable Aggregate Export Subnet

C. Enable Shared Route Control Subnet

D. Enable Export Route Control Subnet

Question 5:

What is the purpose of the Forwarding Tag (FTAG) in Cisco ACI?

A. FTAG is used in Cisco ACI to add a label to the iVXLAN traffic in the fabric to apply the correct policy.

B. FTAG is used in Cisco ACI to add a label to the VXLAN traffic in the fabric to apply the correct policy.

C. FTAG trees in Cisco ACI are used to load balance unicast traffic.

D. FTAG trees in Cisco ACI are used to load balance mutli-destination traffic.


Question 6:

What are two characteristics of Cisco ACI interaction with MSTP? (Choose two.)

A. A Cisco ACI leaf flushes all local endpoints in the received EPG when an MSTP TCN frame is received.

B. A static path binding is required for native VLAN to carry the MST BPDUs in existing EPGs.

C. Mis-cabling protocol is used to snoop the MSTP TCN packets.

D. A dedicated EPG must be created for the native VLAN ID with static bindings toward the MSTP-enabled switches.

E. The PVST simulation must be configured on external network switches to support MSTP.

Question 7:

An engineer configures a new Cisco ACI Multi-Pod and must set up the link between the spine and the IPN device. Which three actions should be taken to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)

A. Enable MP-BGP routing

B. Enable BIDIR-PIM protocol

C. Enable PIM-SM protocol

D. Enable OSPF routing

E. Enable IS-IS routing

F. Enable DHCP relay

Question 8:

A host that is connected to a Cisco ACI fabric leaf switch sends an ARP request. Which transmission method does the ingress switch use to send the ARP requests?

A. anycast

B. broadcast

C. multicast

D. unicast


Question 9:
300-630 dumps questions 9

Refer to the exhibit. What must be configured to allow the PBR node (LB-int) to monitor the availability of the endpoint that is in the EPG server?

A. Endpoint Dataplane Learning

B. Unicast Route disabled for client and server bridge domains

C. PBR node tracking

D. Direct Connect in the service graph template

Question 10:
300-630 dumps questions 10

Refer to the exhibit. Which combination of flags in the Cisco ACI contract allows a client in WebClient EPG to establish an HTTP connection toward a server in WebServer EPG?

A. Apply Both Direction ENABLED and Reverse Port Filter ENABLED

B. Apply Both Direction DISABLED and Reverse Port Filter DISABLED

C. Apply Both Direction DISABLED and Reverse Port Filter ENABLED

D. Apply Both Direction ENABLED and Reverse Port Filter DISABLED

Question 11:

Which firewall connection allows for the integration of service nodes in transparent mode with a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod setup?

A. active-standby mode across pods

B. active-active mode per pods for communication between internal endpoints

C. active-standby mode per pods for communication between endpoints and external networks

D. active-active mode across pods

Reference: (table 1)

Question 12:
300-630 dumps questions 12

An organization migrates its virtualized servers from a legacy environment to Cisco ACI. VM1 is incorrectly attached to PortGroup IT|3TierApp|Web. Which action limits IP address learning in BD1?

A. Enable Enforce Subnet Check

B. Enable Rouge Endpoint Control

C. Enable GARP-based EP Move Detection Mode

D. Disable Remote EP Learn

Question 13:
300-630 dumps questions 13

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer configures a Layer 4 to Layer 7 device for an outside routed firewall that is connected to POD-1 inside a Cisco ACI fabric that consists of two pods. All traffic from POD-1 or POD-2 that uses the L3Out should pass through the routed firewall. Which Function Type must be implemented in the service graph for POD-2 to use L3Out?

A. GoThrough

B. L1

C. GoTo

D. L2

Question 14:
300-630 dumps questions 14

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer extends a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod setup to a Cisco ACI Multi-Site implementation. Which action allows the interconnection?

A. Configure BIDIR-PIM in the IPN and ISN

B. Use dedicated uplinks on Site 1 spines for ISN connections

C. Connect all spines to the IPN and ISN

D. Filter the advertisement of the Site 2 TEP pool into the IPN

Question 15:

Which two actions are the Cisco best practices to configure NIC teaming load balancing for Cisco UCS B-Series blades that are connected to the Cisco ACI leaf switches? (Choose two.)

A. Create vPC+

B. Enable LACP active mode

C. Create PAgP

D. Create vPC

E. Enable MAC pinning

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