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98-366 dumps
One advantage of dynamic routing is that it:
A. Automatically maintains routing tables.
B. Limits traffic derived from routing protocols.
C. Reduces broadcast traffic.
D. Automatically enables DHCP.
Correct Answer: A

When a client’s DHCP-issued address expires, the client will:
A. Select a new address and request approval from the DHCP server.
B. Require manual configuration with a static IP address.
C. Attempt to obtain a new address by broadcasting.
D. Continue to use the address until it is notified to stop.
Correct Answer: C

Connecting to a private network address from a public network requires:
A. Network address translation (NAT).
B. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
C. Network Access Protection (NAP).
D. Dynamic domain name system (DDNS).
Correct Answer: A

You ping a server by using fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and do not receive a response. You then ping the same server by using its IP address and receive a response. 98-366 dumps
Why do you receive a response on the second attempt but not on the first attempt?
A. PING is improperly configured.
B. The DNS is not resolving.
C. The DHCP server is offline.
D. NSLOOKUP is stopped.
Correct Answer: B

Which of these factors has the biggest impact on data transmission speed in a wireless network?
A. The access method used for the network
B. The transmission standard of the equipment used
C. The use of strong encryption for transmissions
D. The transmission wattage rating used on the NIC
Correct Answer: B

Attenuation in a wireless network signal is a result of:
A. Number of wireless nodes connected.
B. Distance from the access point.
C. Interference from cellular phones.
D. Encryption of the signal.
Correct Answer: B

What happens when an 802.11b node starts broadcasting within the range of an 802.llg access point?
A. The access point will transmit, but the node will be unable to receive.
B. A connection will be established,
C. Both the node and the access point will be unable to transmit.
D. The node will transmit, but the access point will be unable to receive.
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following determines the media access method that is used in a network?
A. Number of hosts connected to the network
B. Number of domain servers on the segment
C. Maximum speed of the media
D. Topology and protocols
Correct Answer: D
98-366 dumps
The protocol that maps IP addresses to a Media Access Control (MAC) address is:
A. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).
B. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
C. Routing Information Protocol (RIP).
D. User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
E. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
Correct Answer: E

A user reports that she cannot connect to network resources from a computer on the company network.
The user was able to connect to the network resources yesterday.
You verify that the user’s computer is properly physically connected to the network. You discover that the computer’s IP address is 98-366 dumps
You need to restore access to network resources.
What should you do next?
A. Flush the cache on the DNS server.
B. Reset the user’s password on the server.
C. Check your router’s current routing tables.
D. Verify that the DHCP service is available.
Correct Answer: D

One reason to incorporate VLANs in a network is to:
A. Increase the number of available IP addresses.
B. Increase the number of available Media Access Control (MAC) addresses.
C. Reduce the number of broadcast domains.
D. Reduce the number of nodes in a broadcast domain.
Correct Answer: D

If a router is installed so that it separates a DHCP server from its clients, the clients will:
A. Immediately lose connectivity to all segments.
B. Be unable to obtain their leases from the server.
C. Immediately lose connectivity to the local segment.
D. Receive an immediate renewal of their lease.
Correct Answer: B

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