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Consider the following statement on a RANGE partitioned table:
What is the outcome of executing the above statement?
A. Only the first partition (p1) will be dropped as only one can be dropped at any time.
B. All data in p1 and p3 partitions are removed, but the table definition remains unchanged.
C. A syntax error will result as you cannot specify more than one partition in the same statement.
D. All data in pi and p3 partitions are removed and the table definition is changed.
Correct Answer: B

When designing an InnoDB table, identify an advantage of using the BIT datatype Instead of one of the integer datatypes. 1z0-883 pdf
A. BIT columns are written by InnoDB at the head of the row, meaning they are always the first to be retrieved.
B. Multiple BIT columns pack tightly into a row, using less space.
C. BIT (8) takes less space than eight TINYINT fields.
D. The BIT columns can be manipulated with the bitwise operators &, |, ~, ^, <<, and >>. The other integer types cannot.
Correct Answer: B
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QUESTION 3            1Z0-883 dumps
Assume that you want to know which Mysql Server options were set to custom values.
Which two methods would you use to find out?
A. Check the configuration files in the order in which they are read by the Mysql Server and compare them with default values.
B. Check the command-line options provided for the Mysql Server and compare them with default values.
C. Check the output of SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES and compare it with default values.
D. Query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.GLOBAL_VARIABLES table and compare the result with default values.
Correct Answer: CD

Mysqldump was used to create a single schema backup; Shell> mysqldump u root p sakila > sakila2013.sql  1z0-883 pdf
Which two commands will restore the sakila database without interfering with other running database?
A. Mysql> USE sakila; LOAD DATA INFILE `sakila2013.sql’;
B. Shell> mysql u root p sakila sakila2013.sql
C. Shell> mysql import u root p sakila sakila2013.sql
D. Shell> mysql u root -p e `use sakila; source sakila2013.sql’
E. Shell> mysql u root p silent < sakila2013.sql Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 5 Which query would you use to find connections that are in the same state for longer than 180 seconds? A. SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST WHEER Time > 180;
Correct Answer: A

A database exists as a read-intensive server that is operating with query_cachek_type = DEMAND.
The database is refreshed periodically, but the resultset size of the queries does not fluctuate.
Note the following details about this environment:
A web application uses a limited set of queries.
The Query Cache hit rate is high.
All resultsets fit into the Query Cache.
All queries are configured to use the Query Cache successfully.
The response times for queries have recently started to increase. The cause for this has correctly been identified as the increase in the number of concurrent users accessing the web service.
Based solely on the information provided, what is the most likely cause for this slowdown at the database level?
A. The Query Cache is pruning queries due to an increased number of requests.
B. Query_cache_min_res_unit has been exceeded, leading to an increased performance overhead due to additional memory block lookups.
C. Mutex contention on the Query Cache is forcing the queries to take longer due to its single- threaded nature.
D. The average resultset of a query is increasing due to an increase in the number of users requiring SQL statement execution.
Correct Answer: C

You have a login-path named “adamlocal” that was created by using the mysql_config_editor command. 1Z0-883 dumps
You need to check what is defined for this login_path to ensure that it is correct for you deployment.
You execute this command:
$ mysql_config_editor print login-path=adamlocal
What is the expected output of this command?
A. The command prints all parameters for the login-path. The password is printed in plain text.
B. The command prints all parameters for the login-path. The password is shown only when you provide the password option.
C. The command prints all parameter for the login-path. The password is replaced with stars.
D. The command prints the encrypted entry for the login-path. The is only possible to see if an entry exists.
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements are true about InnoDB auto-increment locking?
A. The auto-increment lock can be a table-level lock.
B. InnoDB never uses table-level locks.
C. Some settings for innodb_autoinc_lock_mode can help reduce locking.
D. InnoDB always protects auto-increment updates with a table-level lock.
E. InnoDB does not use locks to enforce auto-increment uniqueness.
Correct Answer: AD

Consider the events_% tables in performance Schema. 1z0-883 pdf
Which two methods will clear or reset the collected events in the tables?
A. Using DELETE statements, for example, DELETE FROM
B. Using the statement RESET PERFORMANCE CACHE;
C. Using the statement FLUSH PERFORMANCE CACHE;
D. Using TRUNCATE statements, for example, TRUNATE TABLE
E. Disabling and re-enabling all instruments
F. Restarting Mysql
Correct Answer: DE

You are using replication and the binary log files on your master server consume a lot of disk space. 1Z0-883 dumps
Which two steps should you perform to safely remove some of the older binary log files?
A. Ensure that none of the attached slaves are using any of the binary logs you want to delete.
B. Use the command PURGE BINARY LOGS and specify a binary log file name or a date and time to remove unused files.
C. Execute the PURGE BINARY LOGE NOT USED command.
D. Remove all of the binary log files that have a modification date earlier than today.
E. Edit the .index file to remove the files you want to delete.
Correct Answer: BD

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