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In an echo data hiding technique, the secret message is embedded into a __________as an echo.
A. Cover audio signal
B. Phase spectrum of a digital signal
C. Pseudo-random signal
D. Pseudo- spectrum signal
Correct Answer: A

During first responder procedure you should follow all laws while collecting the evidence, and contact a computer
forensic examiner as soon as possible
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A

Email spoofing refers to:
A. The forgery of an email header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other
than the actual source
B. The criminal act of sending an illegitimate email, falsely claiming to be from a legitimate site in an attempt to acquire
the user\\’s personal or account information
C. Sending huge volumes of email to an address in an attempt to overflow the mailbox or overwhelm the server where
the email address Is hosted to cause a denial-of-service attack
D. A sudden spike of “Reply All” messages on an email distribution list, caused by one misdirected message
Correct Answer: A

FAT32 is a 32-bit version of FAT file system using smaller clusters and results in efficient storage capacity. What is the
maximum drive size supported?
A. 1 terabytes
B. 2 terabytes
C. 3 terabytes
D. 4 terabytes
Correct Answer: B

At what layer does a cross site scripting attack occur on?
A. Presentation
B. Application
C. Session
D. Data Link
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following statement is not correct when dealing with a powered-on computer at the crime scene?
A. If a computer is switched on and the screen is viewable, record the programs running on screen and photograph the
B. If a computer is on and the monitor shows some picture or screen saver, move the mouse slowly without depressing
any mouse button and take a photograph of the screen and record the information displayed
C. If a monitor is powered on and the display is blank, move the mouse slowly without depressing any mouse button
and take a photograph
D. If the computer is switched off. power on the computer to take screenshot of the desktop
Correct Answer: D

You are assigned to work in the computer forensics lab of a state police agency. While working on a high profile criminal
case, you have followed every applicable procedure, however your boss is still concerned that the defense attorney
might question whether evidence has been changed while at the lab. What can you do to prove that the evidence is the
same as it was when it first entered the lab?
A. make an MD5 hash of the evidence and compare it with the original MD5 hash that was taken when the evidence first
entered the lab
B. make an MD5 hash of the evidence and compare it to the standard database developed by NIST
C. there is no reason to worry about this possible claim because state labs are certified
D. sign a statement attesting that the evidence is the same as it was when it entered the lab
Correct Answer: A

Ever-changing advancement or mobile devices increases the complexity of mobile device examinations. Which or the
following is an appropriate action for the mobile forensic investigation?
A. To avoid unwanted interaction with devices found on the scene, turn on any wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth
and Wi-Fi radios
B. Do not wear gloves while handling cell phone evidence to maintain integrity of physical evidence
C. If the device\\’s display is ON. the screen\\’s contents should be photographed and, if necessary, recorded manually,
capturing the time, service status, battery level, and other displayed icons
D. If the phone is in a cradle or connected to a PC with a cable, then unplug the device from the computer
Correct Answer: C

What layer of the OSI model do TCP and UDP utilize?
A. Data Link
B. Network
C. Transport
D. Session
Correct Answer: C

When cataloging digital evidence, the primary goal is to
A. Make bit-stream images of all hard drives
B. Preserve evidence integrity
C. Not remove the evidence from the scene
D. Not allow the computer to be turned off
Correct Answer: B

Jason has set up a honeypot environment by creating a DMZ that has no physical or logical access to his production
network. In this honeypot, he has placed a server running Windows Active Directory. He has also placed a Web server
in the DMZ that services a number of web pages that offer visitors a chance to download sensitive information by
clicking on a button. A week later, Jason finds in his network logs how an intruder accessed the honeypot and
downloaded sensitive information. Jason uses the logs to try and prosecute the intruder for stealing sensitive corporate
information. Why will this not be viable?
A. Enticement
B. Entrapment
C. Intruding into ahoneypot is not illegal
D. Intruding into a DMZ is not illegal
Correct Answer: B

When setting up a wireless network with multiple access points, why is it important to set each access point on a
different channel?
A. Avoid over-saturation of wireless signals
B. So that the access points will work on different requencies
C. Avoid cross talk
D. Multiple access points can be set up on the same channel without any issues
Correct Answer: C

You are using DriveSpy, a forensic tool and want to copy 150 sectors where the starting sector is 1709 on the primary
hard drive. Which of the following formats correctly specifies these sectors?
A. 0:1000, 150
B. 0:1709, 150
C. 1:1709, 150
D. 0:1709-1858
Correct Answer: B
DriveSpy can except two different formats:
Drive #:Start Sector, # Sectors
Drive#:Start Sector-Absolute End Sector.
Drive # is zero based
Both Answer B and D would appear correct, and both formats are valid.

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