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Exam 70-764: Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure – Microsoft:

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You have an SQL Server 2016 server named SQL1. You are designing a performance monitoring solution.
You need to monitor the following events on SQL1:
A deadlock graph Missing column statistics CPU performance statistics A batch of completed Transact-SQL statements
Which two tools should you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. dynamic management views
B. Database Engine Tuning Advisor
C. SQL Server Profiler
D. Activity Monitor
E. Data Profile Viewer
Correct Answer: BC
Explanation: B: Database Engine Tuning Advisor examines how queries are processed in the databases you specify.
When you run a Profiler Trace and feed it to the Database Engine Tuning Advisor, it also looks for missing column
statistics, and it can automatically create them for you.
C: Use SQL Server Profiler to identify the cause of a deadlock. A deadlock occurs when there is a cyclic dependency
between two or more threads, or processes, for some set of resources within SQL Server. Using SQL Server Profiler,