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810-440 DTBAA – Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/dtbaa.html

Test your Cisco Business Architecture Analyst 810-440 exam level

Organizations that are ISO 9001 accredited are audited to determine their continued compliance to the standard. How
often are these audits performed?
A. Every 1 year
B. Every 2 years
C. Every 3 years
D. Every 5 years
Correct Answer: C

Which discipline covers analyzing stakeholder expectations and their approach and posture towards technology?
A. Stakeholder Relationship
B. Neurolinguistics Programming
C. Stakeholder Management
D. Customer Relationship Management
Correct Answer: C

Which factor encompasses the standards and cultural behavior that are important to the business?
A. mission
B. values
C. strategy
D. vision
Correct Answer: B

Which option is a main benefit that Cisco Partners bring to the table for customers?
A. additional teams to implement solutions in a timely manner
B. relationships with key Cisco personnel
C. a large customer base for which to sell Cisco services
D. Cisco expertise and the ability to have specializations in certain practice areas
Correct Answer: D

Which one of the following solutions enable business outcomes in the financial industry?
A. Multilayer Switching
B. Remote Expert
C. Plant Floor Control Network
D. Internet of Everything
E. Medianet
Correct Answer: B

How does an open plan volume licensing model works?
A. It does not specify individual users, so any user can access the service.
B. It provides the organization with an agreed number of users.
C. The costs are directly related to usage, not quantity of users.
D. The enterprise pays as it acquires services.
Correct Answer: D

Which solution enables business outcomes in the healthcare industry?
A. Multilayer Switching
B. Medianet
C. Collaboration
D. Advanced Routing
Correct Answer: B

What is one benefit of using Porter\\’s Value Chain?
A. To establish a framework for increasing revenue in the customer business and under project management control.
B. To define the way the customer business affects the value to their solutions and services.
C. To explain the competitive advantage of the customer business by comparing certain factors available to them.
D. To help understand how different facets of the customer business affect their value proposition.
Correct Answer: D

Which two descriptions of the customer journey are true?
A. It is an IT-centric view of their business needs.
B. The customer journey has eight phases to deliver business outcomes.
C. It starts with the customer\\’s technology vision.
D. It spans the spectrum from business vision to value realization.
E. It spans the spectrum from business vision to value realization.
Correct Answer: DE
The customer journey is a business-focused view of how the customer sees their business and what is relevant to them.
The customer journey spans the spectrum from business vision to business value realization. Cisco commonly starts its
engagement in the business capabilities and solutions phase of the customer journey. Business architecture is the
motivation for Cisco Business Architects to begin their engagement in the first phases of the customer journey. An early
engagement enables the Cisco Business Architect to gain a more thorough understanding of the business and the
customer. The value of being engaged early in the customer journey is that it helps the Cisco Business Architect to
bridge the gap between the business needs and the resulting technical solutions and outcomes.lead4pass 810-440 exam question q9

The Cisco Business Architect focuses on the business to instantiate new business capabilities and the opportunity for
engagement. Business capabilities consist of people, process, and technology.
Technical capabilities are needed to allow for the transformation and creation of a business capability. Business-led
engagements are aligned with business capabilities and solutions instead of focusing on technical products and

Which three options are common business needs across industry verticals? (Choose three.)
A. Connected Reactive Maintenance
B. Connected Mobile Workforce
C. Connected Platforms
D. CMX Digital Experience
E. Secure Ops
F. Connected Enterprise Resources
Correct Answer: ABE

QUESTION 11lead4pass 810-440 exam question q11

Which description of the rote of the account manager is true?
A. The account manager is responsible for technology selection to sell into the account.
B. The account manager leads a business-led approach selecting the right technology to sell.
C. The account manager leads the customer engagement throughout the business-led approach.
D. The account manager is directly responsible for the customer relationship.
Correct Answer: D

Which three options are considerations you have to take into account when communicating the business outcomes
story? (Choose three.)
A. Be aware of people\\’s time and length of presentation.
B. Organize the presentation so that the message is clear and key points emerge early.
C. Prepare carefully the agenda and the objectives definitions.
D. Use the right verbal and corporate language.
E. Know your audience and what is of interest to them.
Correct Answer: ABE

Which three areas are covered by the Business Model Canvas in order to understand the customer\\’s business
context? (Choose three.)
A. Customer Relationships
B. Development Plan
C. Value Proposition
D. Revenue Streams
E. Key Policies
F. Analysis
Correct Answer: ACD

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